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Nebra Academic partners with universities, colleges and higher education institutions. We run multilingual webinars based on the content of the courses and programmes that are provided by universities, colleges and higher education institutions to present them to a wider range of students across the world and get more recognition globally.

  • How it Benefits Universities

We help students  
to choose the best course
and university
to reach their dream job.  

How it benefits students 
  • How it Benefits Students 

Nebra Academic Multilingual Webinars benefit prospective students, their parents and/or their guardians. They can watch webinars in their native language which makes it easier for them to understand and adjust their expectation from university. They also can directly ask their questions from academics and share their concerns and then apply to the programme which meets their needs.

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Watch webinars

Talk to academics 

Higher chance  

By watching webinars in your own language you learn better about the content of each programme and universities 

You get a chance to talk to academics, share your concerns and ask them your question directly about the modules, courses and classes

Now you have a higher chance of acceptance and getting offers from the University of your choice and start your education in the UK

Upcoming Events 

Upcoming Events
Let's Talk 
We are hosting Let's Talk webinars for prospective students. In this week's webinars. The purpose of the webinar is to provide information about UK universities, admission procedures, the education system, and the life of international students in the UK. The speakers of the webinar are former or current students of UK-based universities, who will share their experiences of studying and living in the UK. This is an excellent opportunity for prospective students from around the world to gain valuable insights into studying in the UK. In addition to the presentations, there will be a question-and-answer session for students to ask questions or share their concerns with fellow students.

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